KMK Consulting Engineers specialises in providing services for wide range of sectors including: bulk material handling, mining, port terminals, mechanical handling equipment, conveying system, electrical substations, cargo train handling, crane design, water management, and spectator grandstand seating.

We deliver a range of engineering skills and know-how from project development and feasibility studies to engineering and design, project implementation, procurement, commissioning, training and support, monitoring, verification, maintenance, optimisation and replacement.

New project feasibility studies

Working on either a simple idea or a complex specification, KMK can evaluate by by following fundamental design guidelines to build a comprehensive and re-assuring study. Studies often include recommendations for equipment and sizing to provide the best economic solution. Embracing and multi discipline levels of engineering that can lead to client’s satisfaction. Feasibility studies are commonly requested by clients involved in bulk material handling equipment.

Support with plant process flow and equipment specifications

KMK understand the importance of integrated equipment, allowing a system to deliver seamlessly and provide consistent throughput of the process product. Our background in bulk material handling provides us with the experience to harmonise process demands with equipment types and costs. A fully detailed process flow diagram is created that clearly specifies selected equipment and system flow rates. The selected equipment would be backed up by a fully documented specification to allow the procurement process to advance.

Engineering and design

From basic engineering to fully finished manufacturing drawings of bespoke products, tailored for the specific demands of the Client. Our experience enables us to complete the full engineering design process. This includes the following:

  • Initial design set outs (DSO)
  • Plant GAs – 2D CAD
  • Basic & comprehensive structural analysis e.g. FEA
  • Fatigue assessment
  • 3D Modelling
  • Plant operating simulation videos
  • Procurement specification e.g. Drivetrain
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Software development of the control system
  • Full support throughout manufacturing
  • Site installation & commissioning support

The manufacturing detail design would be carried out to the applicable European and International standards e.g. BS2573, BS EN 13001, FEM, ISO 5049, etc.

Existing plant optimisation and upgrade studies

It is normal for existing plant managers to be challenged by increasing the throughput of a process plant (e.g. Train unloading system). This is often required without the option of replacing the existing equipment. KMK have learnt that by appreciating (applying) the advances in recent technology, a normally well operated plant can be re-programmed through system optimisation to yield substantially improved flow rates (throughput), by systematically evaluating each step of the process design. This often includes an evaluation of remaining life of the existing equipment.

Support with project completion and commissioning

KMK can assist with unfinished projects by completing remaining tasks of a complex system where all necessary operations, including proprietary and control software implementation are equipped prior to the site commissioning. We have experienced personnel and engineers to support everything from conceptual studies to the establishment methods during pre-construction phases, from developing interface management systems to final handover during construction and commissioning.

Training and backup documentation including operation and maintenance

Providing full range of documentation including site installation, method procedures, commissioning, operation and maintenance i.e. O&M manuals.

These documents will be produced based on any site-specific conditions, fully customised to the site and the client requirements.

Inspection and verification

Site equipment inspections can be carried out by highly Competent site engineers with knowledge of potential machines design faults, durability, and efficiency. Based on customer’s request, a complete design desktop study complimented with machine inspection can be offered for the purpose of the client’s required satisfaction and equipment acceptance.  

Refurbishment and Replacement

For most sites and customers, cost-efficiency is vital. With higher costs and new project complexity, new equipment investments are becoming more difficult. However, upgrade or parts replacement can still fulfil the requirements. KMK take everything from required constraints and budget into consideration, by providing a feasible solution for each project.