Spectator Grandstands

KMK Consulting Engineers comprise of structural and mechanical engineers, project and site managers. The team has all the knowledge necessary to design, build and develop sports grandstand seating.

KMK can guide developers and owners through all phases of the project. These phases will include:

  • Working with architects on the initial design
  • Assisting with gaining planning permission
  • Ensuring adherence to regulations throughout the design phase
  • Design and Structural Analysis including 3D modelling, 2D fabrication drawings and FEA
  • Preparing construction phase plans in line with CDM Regulation
  • Groundwork and Foundations
  • Planning construction phase
  • Delivery of the grandstand seating

KMK will pay attention to ground surroundings, making sure that the existing stadium or any redevelopment of, blends in with the surroundings. Every Town and City is unique and has architecture and history unique to it. The KMK team will research all these factors and can incorporate them into the design of the new building. This will not only appeases planning stipulations but can also upholds the traditions and to ensure the legacy.

The team at KMK have extensive industry knowledge and have good relationships with all the major material suppliers from steel work to seats ensuring all options are available to developers or owners.

KMK can work with small clubs on limited budgets to satisfy FA ground grading and Green Guide requirements as well as for large new Grandstands for any established sports clubs or venues.

Latest Project; Southend-On-Sea Athletic Club
The delivery included design and build a 200-seat covered Grandstand with emphasis on matching surrounding architecture, the curved roofs of the existing Olympic sports centre.